Frequently Asked Questions

The following are intended to help but please do contact us with any enquiries.

Do you have a particular speciality?  And what is the typical size of your projects?

Our experience ranges from small works, such as garage conversations and extensions, to larger projects including substantial new build residential homes and commercial buildings.  We are happy to work with a full range of materials and styles - traditional oak frame and flint to contemporary glass and steel.

Do you just work locally to Petersfield or can you travel?  How far?

We are based in the Petersfield area but we will travel outside the area.  Sometimes, if we have to travel longer distances to site, the costs can increase a project's budget beyond a reasonable amount.  Call us to discuss.

Do you get involved in planning applications, or do you just get involved after approvals have been obtained? 

We have close and long-standing relationships with many architects, engineers and other professionals.  Therefore, we are able to steer clients to professionals suited to their particular project.  We are happy to get involved in a project from its inception.

What are your 'green' / eco credentials?  Do you have experience in eco-efficient construction methods and materials?

We have worked on many projects that prioritise green/eco elements and will readily consult experts in this field when appropriate.

We believe that careful planning and good design contribute greatly to the environment and long term economic efficiency of buildings.  A well managed building site creates less waste, less pollution and less disturbance to the surrounding environment.

We have experience with the installation of solar systems (PV and thermal), air and ground source heat-pumps and solid fuel heating systems with maximum insulation to keep heat loss and costs down.

Are you prepared to work in a sub-contracting capacity, or do you only operate as the sole or primary contractor?

Most of our clients use us as the main contractor.  However, some larger projects get managed in stages - we are happy to build to a stage if required.

Is your work guaranteed?

Our work is carried out under contract which means both ourselves and the client understand what is expected and agreed upon.  On larger projects we operate on a retention basis; this means that, following completion of a job, the client withholds a percentage of the final payment until after an agreed 'settling in period'.

Can you arrange for us to visit your previous project sites and speak directly to your previous clients?

Many of our past clients are happy to have their projects viewed and will readily discuss ther build experiences with you.  Please take a look at our references page.

We haven't yet got a fixed design, drawings or tender, as we would like to talk through various options and rough costings.  Is that something you can help us with?

We are happy to have a short pre-drawing meeting to discuss ideas and possibilites.  Accurately costing a job is complex, time consuming and difficult without full requirements and architects drawings, etc.  However, between ourselves and our architects we may be able to help with this.

We have a clear idea what we want.  Can you take care of the drawings and specifications (sufficient for planning purposes), or will we need to engage an architect?

Please contact us and we will guide you in the direction of professionals suited to your project.  We can liaise with architects on your behalf, if you wish.